Development of product portfolio and customer base

  • Increase and diversify steel product sales on the Russian market
  • Improve large-diameter pipe and rail sales in North America
  • Expand production volumes of scarce coking coal grades
Coal mining volumes, mt

In 2018, EVRAZ increased its coal mining volumes by around 5%, primarily driven by the KS and OS coal grades. By 2023, major growth will come from the launch of K-grade longwall mining at the Raspadskaya-Koksovaya mine and organic growth at mines producing high-vol coal grades.

Steel sales in Russia, mt

In 2018, EVRAZ saw a moderate uptick in domestic steel sales. The Group expects its sales of finished steel to climb from 4.2  million tonnes in 2018 to 6.9 million tonnes by 2023, mainly due to higher sales of beams and the launch of a new integrated flat casting and rolling complex at EVRAZ ZSMK.

Customer focus programme EBITDA effect in 2018, US$ million

Most of the effect came from greater sales of pipe blanks, wheels, structural products and beams.

In 2018, the customer focus programme generated an EBITDA effect of US$67 million.