Operational model

Proved and probable reserves

Proved and probable reserves

Self-coverage The raw material requirement of EVRAZ steelmaking facilities compared with sales volumes of that raw material


Number of employees (as of 31.12.2018)

Number of employees


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Steel raw materials Steel steelmaking Steel rolling and processing Steel sales to 3rd
  • Iron ore products consumption

    16,048 kt

  • Internal consumption

    12,057 kt

  • 3rd parties’ iron ore products purchases

    3,991 kt

  • 3rd parties scrap purchases

    1,816 kt

  • Coking coal products consumption

    8,820 kt

  • Coal segment coal products

    6,016 kt

  • 3rd parties raw coal

    1,254 kt

  • 3rd parties concentrate

    1,550 kt

  • Pig iron production

    9,993 kt

  • Crude steel production

    11,121 kt

  • Vanadium slag production

    17,052 mtV

  • Steel products production

    10,853 kt

The Steel segment’s EBITDA
rose due to an increase in steel and vanadium prices; lower expenses in US dollar terms due to the effect that rouble weakening had on costs; and the impact of cost-cutting initiatives implemented in the period. This was partly offset by an increase in prices for raw materials, including scrap, electrodes and ferroalloys.
80.2% year-on-year


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Coal mining Coal washing Coal sales to 3rd
  • Sales to Steel segment

    1,863 kt

  • Total raw coking coal mined

    24,188 kt

  • Sales to Steel segment

    4,153 kt

  • Total coking coal concentrate production

    14,130 kt

EVRAZ unique combination of reserves, operations, product quality and clients make its Coal segment the one of the key pillar of its business model. The synergy between the steelmaking and coal operations, combined with a broad export client base, provides the opportunity for further development of the coal business.

The Coal segment’s EBITDA
declined slightly year-on-year mainly due to higher cost per tonne amid more complex geological conditions, rise in auxiliary materials prices and higher involvement of contractors. This was partly offset by sales prices rising in line with global benchmarks; the impact of cost-cutting initiatives; and lower expenses in US dollar terms as a result of the effect that rouble weakening had on costs.
US$ 1,218 million
0.7% year-on-year


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Steel north raw materials Steel north steelmaking Steel north rolling and processing Steel north sales to 3rd
  • 3rd parties scrap puchases

    656 kt

  • Slab purchases Including 543 kt from Steel segment and 157
    kt from 3rd parties.

    700 kt

  • Crude steel production

    1,898 kt

  • Steel products production

    2,141 kt

The increase in volume and metal spreads of
the Steel, North America segment’s
was more than offset by the effect of tariffs and duties on Canadian large-diameter and line pipe sales into the US, as well as due to operational challenges at EVRAZ Regina facility that resulted in lower EBITDA.
75 .9% year-on-year