Community relations

Our approach

EVRAZ adheres to international corporate social responsibility principles by investing in the future of the regions where it operates. This includes improving urban infrastructure, labour conditions and the lives of its employee s and their families, as well as implementing various charitable, educational, sport and environmental projects. The Group fosters an open and productive dialogue with all stakeholders, including local governments, non-governmental organisations, business and cultural associations, and the media. EVRAZ enterprises are responsible taxpayers, contributing to regional budgets and promoting positive social and environmental policy change in the cities where their facilities are located.

EVRAZ has two charity funds that operate in Siberia and the Urals. When choosing projects to support, the funds take into consideration EVRAZ charity policy. This policy defines focus areas for support, including funding orphanages and needy families, sponsoring educational, sport and cultural projects, and subsidising medical centres and environmental programmes.

Games of veterans
Steel Dynasties
'High Five'
DTSP - dream skiing

Federal and regional events

EVRAZ actively supports social, sport, environmental and cultural programmes in the cities where it operates, including hosting its own events and joining nationwide initiatives. In 2018, the group was a partner of the Clean Games in Kachkanar, a nationwide environmental and educational project aimed at cleaning up the environment and waste sorting. In Ekaterinburg, EVRAZ again sponsored the Grand Slam international judo competition. The Group supports the Documentary Film Centre in Moscow, the Yeltsin Centre in Ekaterinburg and the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre.


“Steel Dynasties”, a joint online-project of EVRAZ and, won the “Special Look” award for best internal corporate communications project at InterComm 2018.
EVRAZ ZSMK and Raspadskaya were recognised for their EVRAZ for Cities federal programme with a gold medal “For Innovative Social Leadership” in the “Corporate Charity leaders – Siberia” contest, a joint project of the Donors’ Forum, PwC and Vedomosti newspaper.

Public organisations and business associations

EVRAZ is a member of important industry and business associations, including the Russian Managers’ Association, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Steel, Russian Metallurgists’ Association, Steel Construction Development Association, National Association for Subsoil Examination, Association of Railway Product Producers and Russian Railways Consumer Council.

Key projects

Several core aspects of the Group’s support of children are sponsoring academic institutions and programmes, financing the purchase of necessary school supplies and sport equipment, improving the landscaping around schools and providing scholarships. EVRAZ has always placed a high priority on supporting children in orphanages and with special needs, including through ongoing programmes that provide assistance and rehabilitation for children with health limitations and cerebral palsy.

Case study

In 2018, EVRAZ and the Social Investment and Innovation Agency held the “Children’s Foresight” event in the town of Kachkanar as part of a nationwide social project to engage schoolchildren in designing their future cities. More than 65 children aged 12-17 took part in “Children’s Foresight”. Their projects were aimed at improving Kachkanar’s public services and amenities, improving youth recreation facilities and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The winners attended a social change leadership camp organised by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives that was held at the Artek international Children’s camp.


  • EVRAZ continued to fund rehabilitation programmes for children with cerebral palsy in Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Kachkanar and Mezhdurechensk.
  • In Tula region, the Group organised a summer outing for children with autism and acquired equipment, furniture and toys for children with health limitations.
  • In Novokuznetsk, EVRAZ made charitable donations to the Ostrov Nadezhdy, Orphanage School No. 95 and Rovesnik orphanages to implement social projects and assist grown children when they leave the orphanages.
  • The Group gave holiday presents to disadvantaged children in Tula, Kemerovo and Sverdlovsk regions.
  • In Nizhny Tagil, EVRAZ provided equipment for a sport field and playground at School No. 81.
  • The Group provided funding for laboratory equipment and to improve the facilities and landscaping at Nizhny Tagil Mining and Metallurgical College.
  • EVRAZ acquired equipment for the student design bureau at Nizhny Tagil Technical Institute, a branch of Ural Federal University.
  • The Group provided funding for workshop equipment and scholarships at Kachkanar Mining Industry College.
  • In Kachkanar, EVRAZ arranged roof repairs at the Children’s Art School.
  • In Texas, EVRAZ North America sponsored the Cherokee Creek Music Festival, the proceeds from which went to children’s charities.
  • The Group helped the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre to equip a children’s theatre workshop and baby theatre.
  • EVRAZ provided support for the Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Haematology and Immunology’s science project aimed to improve the treatment for acute myeloblastic leukaemia in children.
City tour

The “EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas” grant contest is a project aimed at engaging people to improve public spaces, protect the environment, develop social initiatives and increase participation in social design, urban improvement, environmental education and preservation of urban natural resources.

Since 2017, the contest has been held in four cities where the Group operates. In 2018, “EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas” events took place in summer in Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk, and in autumn in Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar. The contest received 167 applications from Siberia and 187 from the Urals in 2018, of which 51 projects received grants totalling RUB14.5 million. Overall, the projects received more than 23,405 votes and the programme’s website had 72,757 visitors.

Case study

Several “EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas” projects were implemented in 2018.

Thanks to a grant from EVRAZ, the “Sport Today – Healthy Generation Tomorrow” project was implemented. The project entailed creating a sport field for school students, children from large or low-income families and at-risk children. Novokuznetsk’s School No. 12 now has a universal outdoor sport facility where all muscle groups can be trained.

A grant from EVRAZ also helped to hold the Veterans Games, which were dedicated to Novokuznetsk’s Year of Respect for the Elderly and the 50th anniversary of the Novokuznetsk City Veterans Council. A total of 120 veterans took part in the games, playing football, table tennis, darts, checkers and chess.

GDGI Novokuznetsk winners award

Winning projects


  • The “CyberSchool” project in Novokuznetsk is aimed at teaching programming and introducing children aged 6-16 to scientific and technical creativity.
  • The “Sport Today – Healthy Generation Tomorrow” project entailed creating a sport field for students at Novokuznetsk School No. 12 named for Hero of the USSR Semyon Chernovsky, as well as children from large or low-income families and at-risk children.
  • The “Dog as a Social Adaptation Agent” project in Novokuznetsk aims to help with the social engagement of children with health limitations by working with specially trained dogs.
  • The “From Life Safety Lessons to a Safe Life” project in Mezhdurechensk seeks to promote awareness and responsibility among schoolchildren regarding safety in the face of the social, natural and technogenic threats of the modern world.
  • The “Healthy Lifestyle for Each Resident of Olzheras Village” project will help to install modern sports equipment in the village.
  • The “Film Summer” project aims to create an outdoor cinema for residents of Mezhdurechensk.


  • The “At Home in the Forest” project involves creating conditions for sport tourism in the Kachkanar urban district, including acquiring modern equipment to professionally hold various competitions.
  • The “Sensory Garden” project at the sole kindergarten in the Valerianovsk village in Sverdlovsk region aims to create conditions to make up for the lack of emotional and sensory communication with nature (including for children with health limitations).
  • The “Reviving Yachting in Nizhny Tagil” project seeks to popularise the sport in the city and ensure that teenagers and youth have access to yachting. As part of the project, volunteers plan to repair at least 30 yachts of various classes and prepare them to sail during summer 2019.
  • The “Fairy Tale Film Workshop” project aims to encourage children and youth to study Russian folk culture, customs and traditions by creating a fairy tale film at the live film studio in Nizhny Tagil’s Hall of Child and Youth Creativity.
  • The “Miracle Pier – children’s playground for special children” project involves equipping playgrounds at Nizhny Tagil’s boarding school for hearing impaired children.

Each year, EVRAZ invests to improve urban infrastructure in the regions where it operates. The Group sponsors medical, educational and cultural institutions.

Case study

EVRAZ provided extensive support for various projects and events for Novokuznetsk’s 400th anniversary in July 2018. The Group financed the creation of the only workout stadium in Kemerovo region, which was opened as part of Russia’s national street sport festival. EVRAZ helped to landscape public squares; repaired an Olympic reserve ski school and the Meridian centre of technical creation; and rebuilt the facade of the Metallurg stadium. In addition, the Group provided equipment to Siberian State Industrial University for a modern auditorium that was named for Ivan Bardin, an outstanding engineer.

Workout stadium


  • In Kemerovo region, the Group provided donations to help overhaul the municipal heating network pipes in Tashtagol.
  • EVRAZ provided donations to improve the municipal infrastructure in Tashtagol district as part of the Miners’ Day celebrations.
  • The Group donated equipment and ambulances to medical centres in the Urals and Siberia, including a fully equipped mobile intensive care unit for the regional clinical centre for miners’ health care in Leninsk-Kuznetsky.
  • EVRAZ provided donations to the Cozy City charity in Nizhny Tagil. The funds were used to help the veterans’ council, landscape a city park, acquire books for local residents and other projects.
  • The Group donated funds to the «Gift of Life» Centre for Protection of Motherhood» and Childhood to repair the facilities of the «Baby and Mother» crisis shelter in Nizhny Tagil.
  • In Kachkanar, EVRAZ supported urban beautification efforts, the organisation of public social and charity holiday events, and the development of the “Club of Humour” movement (Russian abbreviation: KVN, humour TV show).
  • The Group helped Kachkanar’s cultural centre to acquire multimedia equipment and a projector screen, equipment and lighting for an ice park, and to conduct various events for local residents.
  • EVRAZ assisted with a project to develop a comprehensive traffic plan for Kachkanar.
  • EVRAZ North America sponsored the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Enbridge® Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer®.
New classroom

EVRAZ supports amateur and professional sports teams, as well as individual athletes, by sponsoring equipment purchases, training programmes and competitions.

Case study

For the second consecutive year, EVRAZ sponsored the prestigious Grand Slam judo tournament, which is organised by the Russian Judo Federation and National Judo Union. Yekaterinburg is the only Russian city where the competition is held. The remaining four stages of the Grand Slam tournament in 2018 were Paris, Dusseldorf, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. The best athletes from 35 countries took part in the competition.

High five - Tagil
Games of Savenuk


  • As part of EVRAZ fourth-annual “High Five” event, races took place in Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Tagil and Moscow.
  • In Tashtagol, the Group held the 15th annual Andrey Sevenyuk corporate ski and snowboard competition.
  • EVRAZ equipped a skate park for the Jupiter Olympic reserve sport school in Nizhny Tagil.
  • The Group helped the Uralochka sport school in Nizhny Tagil to acquire office and sport equipment.
  • In Kachkanar, EVRAZ helped to repair sport facilities and acquire equipment for hockey players at the district Sports and Recreation Complex.
  • The Group provided sponsorship for the Kachkanar municipal district Federation of Sambo and Judo to organise trips to competitions, as well as to acquire sport equipment and transportation to get children to competitions.
  • EVRAZ helped Kachkanar’s Olymp sport school to travel to competitions and provided funding to hold a football competition.
  • In Tashtagol district, the Group helped the Shoria hockey team to acquire sport equipment.
  • EVRAZ helped the Mezhdurechensk sport school that teaches team sports to conduct a streetball competition for local amateur teams.
  • In Novokuznetsk, the Group supported Children’s Sport School No. 2 to organise the 33rd annual City Games and helped to repair a stadium.
  • EVRAZ installed a modular building on Mount Yugus in Mezhdurechensk for the Khokhrin Olympic reserve sport school for skiing.
  • The Group provided assistance to Novokuznetsk’s Metallurg-Zapsib sport school received to organise their team’s participation in football competitions at the Russian Championship.

EVRAZ Volunteers

While EVRAZ does not have an official policy regarding volunteering, for many years the Group’s employees have been helping people in difficult situations, supporting children’s institutions and organising various sport and social events.

For the second consecutive year, EVRAZ NTMK’s employees have held the “Relay of Good Deeds”. It started at the plant in February 2017 and has since had more than 8,000 participants who have helped 12 educational institutions in Sverdlovsk region.

In 2018, the following events were held as part of the “Relay of Good Deeds”:
  • Helping Kindergarten No. 16 in Novoasbest. Employees of EVRAZ NTMK helped the kindergarten to prepare for winter, including replacing pipes, repairing the heating and electrical systems, and improving the playgrounds;
  • Helping Kindergarten No. 34 in Pervomaisky. The Group’s employees acquired kitchenware and toys, replaced the lighting and electrical wiring, repaired buildings, improved playgrounds, organised holiday events and gave the children books and school supplies;
  • Helping Boarding School No. 1 in Nizhny Tagil. EVRAZ NTMK’s employees donated an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier and two televisions. They also repaired the electrical wiring, as well as the equipment in the school’s metal and woodworking shops;
  • Helping the kindergartens in the villages of Bashkara and Kaigorodskoye. In Bashkara, EVRAZ NTMK’s employees repaired the fence, veranda, kindergarten slide, kitchen equipment and electrical wiring. In Kaigorosdkoye, they updated the lighting in the classrooms. They also donated educational games, construction sets and toys for the children in both kindergartens.

Project awards

Relay of Good Deeds

The “Relay of Good Deeds” project has received the special “Kind Heart” nomination from KFC in the “Volunteering” programme of the “Corporate Charity Leaders” federal competition and won third place in the regional “Corporate Charity Leaders – Ural” contest.

New projects

In July 2018, EVRAZ and the online publication launched the “Steel Dynasties” digital project.

“Steel Dynasties” presents the story of five families of steelmakers and miners from Siberia and the Urals, where the professions are passed down from generation to generation. The combined work experience of the families exceeds 500 years. The five families represent the Group’s core operations: EVRAZ NTMK, EVRAZ ZSMK, Kachkanarsky GOK, Evrazruda and Raspadskaya. The project team travelled hundreds of kilometres to put all the stories together.

In November 2018, EVRAZ and the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper launched the “Strength of Generations” digital project.

“Strength of Generations” is a project dedicated to mentoring, passing on professional experience and production culture. The story follows six pairs of mentors and their proteges, describing the growing skills and career paths of EVRAZ people, who also work at the Group’s key assets: Kachkanarsky GOK, EVRAZ NTMK, Raspadskaya and EVRAZ ZSMK. The project underscores the importance of blue-collar professions and seeks to increase their popularity among youth.