Our approach

EVRAZ views corporate social responsibility as an integral part of its business and strives to address and monitor all relevant matters in this area. The corporate social responsibility section of this annual report provides an overview of the Group’s policies and performance in 2018 in key areas, including human rights, health and safety, the environment, human capital management and community engagement, as well as an outline of how EVRAZ intends to improve its performance in the years ahead. The Group considers these policies appropriate and effective.

EVRAZ follows the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises to ensure a uniform approach to business standards across its global operations.

The Group’s commitments are based on internationally recognised standards and respect for all human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. EVRAZ fully endorses the provisions of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In accordance with its internal Code of Business Conduct, EVRAZ seeks to develop and maintain a work environment that is free from discrimination. The Group is committed to providing every employee with equal opportunities. All personnel and applicants are assessed according to their professional skills, qualities, experience and abilities. Decisions made on grounds unrelated to an individual’s job performance (eg related to the person’s race, ethnic origin, sex, religion, political views, nationality, age, sexual orientation, citizenship status, marital status or disability) are discriminatory and prohibited by the law and the principles accepted in the Group.

Child labour, bonded labour, human trafficking and other forms of slavery (known as modern slavery) are strictly prohibited at all EVRAZ subsidiaries and their suppliers. Modern slavery is an abuse of human rights and is a criminal offence in the UK and other jurisdictions. The Group is committed to acting ethically and requires suppliers to conduct business within the same ethical framework.

Respect for others is one of EVRAZ overriding principles. In the cross-cultural environment in which the Group operates, all cultures must be treated with respect. EVRAZ rules prohibit the use of abusive, harassing, discriminatory, degrading or aggressive speech or written comments, verbal or physical demonstrations of a sexual nature, and actions or speech that insult the honour or dignity of an individual.

This aspiration is reflected in the Group’s internal codes and principles, including the Business Conduct Policy, “The EVRAZ Way”, available on the corporate website.