Retention of low-cost position

Main cost-reduction programmes

Blast furnace coke production development programme at EVRAZ NTMK


Reduced the material consumption rate by 4%.

Implemented an initiative to balance the coke strength after reaction.

Metal charge reduction programme at EVRAZ ZSMK


Optimised ferroalloy consumption in oxygen converter shop no 2, increased pig iron temperature in oxygen converter shop No. 1.

Electric-arc furnace shop optimisation at EVRAZ ZSMK


Equipped electric-arc furnace No. 2 with a new advanced intensification system.

Iron ore product development programme at EVRAZ KGOK


Increased iron content in sintered ore.

Improved efficiency of kilns.

Brought into operation a mobile tyre changer for BELAZ machinery.

Changing wagon loading scheme at the Siberia division


Applied a new loading scheme, reduced the number of wagons by increasing the load capacity.

Launch coke screening of 10-30 fractions at EVRAZ ZSMK


Increased volume of 10-30 coke nut fractions for sale instead of using it as a fuel.

Retention building