Retention of low-cost position

Main cost-reduction programmes

Optimise the production flow at washing plants


Automated the flotation flows and increased the feed size at the Raspadskaya washing plant.

Automated the operation of the screw separators at section 3 of the Raspadskaya washing plant.

Restored the chamber-membrane filter of the press at the Abashevskaya washing plant.

Optimise expenses for auxiliary materials and industrial services


Reduced the stripping ratio at Raspadsky Open Pit by optimising mining operations.

Began using machinery customised for driving on public roads.

Optimised shipping costs and specialised equipment costs.

Optimise saleable product output


Brought in a contractor’s small excavators for selective, higher-quality coal extraction with lower ash content at Raspadsky Open Pit, which made it possible to obtain additional saleable product by increasing both mining volumes and yield at washing plants.